4-30-20 Policy Update

Overview of DRAFT Origins Council Comments – 4/29/2020

Full DRAFT Origins Council Comments – 4/29/2020

California Cannabis Appellations Program (CAP) Proposed Regulations




Comments on the proposed regulations may be submitted until July 7, 2020, via email to CDFA.CalCannabis_OCal@cdfa.ca.gov or by mail to:

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Attention: Kristi Armstrong

CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division

Proposed OCal Regulations

P.O. Box 942871

Sacramento, CA 94271

The proposed cannabis regulations and additional information are posted on the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing Division’s OCal Program web page. For tips on how to make effective comments about the proposed OCal regulations, please see How to Submit Your Comments.

Closing Date for Relocation Applications is May 4, 2020!

Important deadline: May 4, 2020 is the cutoff date to get full applications into the Cannabis program if you want to relocate your authorization for Phase 1 at an already approved of Phase 1 site to a different property that did not have prior cultivation. This is not the same thing as Transferring an Annual Permit from one person to another. Rather, this is where you are allowed to take your application (or annual permit) on the property that you qualified to cultivate on  under Phase 1 because you had proof of your prior cultivation on that property (called the origin site), and you can apply to relocate from that property to another property that you did not previously cultivate on (called the destination site). In addition to the deadline to get those relocation applications into the County, there are a few other things to keep in mind: not all zoning are allowed to relocate to. So, you may not relocate to TPZ or FL. RL may be relocated to RL so long as the destination site has an existing cultivation site and no new cultivation sites would be established. Also, the setbacks would be the NEW setbacks that are outlined for Phase 3 and NOT the setbacks for Phase 1, and there are other requirements for the destination site such as watershed assessment requirements (not for AG zoned property). Finally, there are remediation requirements for the origin site and the requirement that the right to claim proof of prior cultivation on the origin site is extinguished, which means that any future cultivation on the origin site would have to qualify under Phase 3 when it opens.

Here is a link to the Relocation Worksheet: https://www.mendocinocounty.org/home/showdocument?id=28848

A new application for the destination site and all accompanying documentation and ancillary forms must be submitted in order for the relocation application to be processed.

The ordinance section with the relocation rules is 10A17.080 (b)(3)(B)(1)

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