Mendocino Cannabis Alliance – YOUR Cannabis Trade Association Working for YOU!

A global pandemic and economic crisis ironically places our local cannabis licensees in a relatively stable financial position in the California market as we are deemed “essential”.  Now, more than ever before, we have a chance to influence cannabis policy and economic development.  

MCA is effectively representing our producer County in the current trend toward reforming and fixing cannabis policies in Mendocino County and on the state level.

    1. MCA’s efforts have moved the County and the state to deal with CEQA issues in a more time-sensitive manner;
    2. MCA works continually to identify obstacles and relieve cultivators of redundant and burdensome obstacles;
    3. MCA’s partnership with Origins Council has been key in engaging on state policy issues and building regional coalitions with other cannabis producing regions.
    4. MCA has an established track record of protecting and advocating for our culture and heritage; our multi-generational legacy of small family farms and medicine makers; our values of sustainability, cooperative business models; and our commitment to continuing to create the highest quality cultivars on the planet.

We’ve come such a long way already.  Join us in protecting and promoting everything we’ve spent decades to create.

Help MCA become a well-resourced, high capacity, professional trade association that continues to work for cannabis businesses in all sectors, so that together we thrive in the future.

We fight day and night to represent YOU and OUR COMMUNITY.  But we can’t keep doing it without your support.  


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