First Annual Pledge-a-Pound Fundraiser!

As harvest is winding down and product is going to market, it’s the perfect time to support the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance!
During our First Annual ‘Pledge A Pound’ fundraiser, we invite members of the Mendocino cannabis community to pledge the proceeds from the sale of one (or more!) pounds of premium Mendocino cannabis to help support MCA’s activities throughout the coming year. We know that times are tight and that every penny counts, so we are setting this up to make participation as easy as possible.
Participants will let us know how many pounds, at the dollar amount they would like to pledge, and the date by which they commit to donating.
Send your best photos of your harvest! MCA looks forward to showcasing your beautiful herb and acknowledging your generous donations on our social media platforms and e-newsletters.
Follow this link to sign up: CLICK HERE
NOTE: MCA will not collect, transport, sell or in any way interact with any cannabis products as a part of this fundraiser.
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