Important Update on CEQA for Provisional Licensees

MCA met with CDFA CalCannabis on Friday 2/5/2021 in collaboration with our state-level advocacy partner, Origins Council.

We confirmed CDFA’s intent to send notices to Mendocino County’s provisional license holders asking them to provide evidence that site-specific CEQA is underway. We inquired about how this would work and expressed concern for any potential discontinuity of provisional licenses as an unintended consequence of this process.

CDFA provided us with the following information and offered to meet with us again once the process and messaging had been further developed. We have offered to be a resource to CDFA in supporting this process and are committed to providing timely and accurate information to our members – as well as the County’s provisional license holders more broadly – about what to expect and how they can begin to prepare for this process.

CLICK HERE to view the full report.

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