MCA Proposal for Phase 3

Good afternoon!

In Advance of the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Friday, March 19, MCA has prepared a Memo with an alternative proposal to the currently proposed Commercial Cannabis Activities Ordinance, with specific recommendations rooted in years of cannabis policy work and our mission statement.

We are supportive of the development of a conditional land use permit program for cannabis cultivation in Mendocino County.  We recognize that this is a necessity. However, the current draft ordinance, as introduced, does not solve the problems our County continues to face in permitting and regulating commercial cannabis operations.

Our recommendations comprise a holistic proposal to regulate commercial cannabis cultivation that simultaneously would provide a viable pathway for a) existing operators, b) new cultivation sites, and c) expanded cultivation activities, all with an emphasis on sustainability and the protection of our environment, natural and cultural resources, and way of life.  We believe that this is what a majority of Mendocino County’s residents are seeking from our local government, and we believe that a majority of the cannabis industry wants this as well.

CLICK HERE to read the full Memo with our recommendations.

If you agree with our proposal, please email pbs@mendocinocounty.org to share your support!
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