A response to CDFA on your CEQA Process is due by April 5th. 


CEQA Process Letters Due to CDFA by April 5!

A response t{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”bfdcaf32-917d-4f27-830a-37b2e0efb101″,”name”:”core/image”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“alt”:””},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}o CDFA on your CEQA Process is due by April 5th.  Here is the email sent by CDFA on March 5:

Hello CalCannabis Cultivation Licensees:

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has been working with Mendocino County (County) to develop a pathway for provisional license holders to obtain evidence of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) compliance to fulfill CDFA regulation requirements.

At the County Board of Supervisors meeting on February 9, 2021, the County Board of Supervisors approved a motion providing further direction to provisional licensees within the County for obtaining CEQA compliance. Provisional licensees who obtained local approval under the County’s phase 1 program, may qualify for annual licenses once they have completed an Appendix G Checklist and the County has signed off on the checklist. Because CEQA requirements are complicated and highly technical, the cultivator is strongly encouraged to hire a third-party CEQA consultant to complete the Appendix G Checklist.

The County also provided direction and assistance to facilitate finding an environmental consultant who could assist with preparation of the Appendix G Checklist that can be found here:


Compliance with CEQA is required to transition provisional licenses to annual licenses or provide evidence of progress towards annual license requirements to renew provisional licenses. To transition to an annual license, provisional licensees must meet all regulatory requirements in Title 3 of the California Code of Regulations section 8102.

By April 5, 2021, you must submit one of the following to CDFA through the amendment process:

  • A completed Appendix G Checklist signed and approved by the Mendocino County Planning Department. 
  • A completed “Evidence of Progress” template (CLICK HERE for template)

For licensees who submit an “Evidence of Progress” template, the CDFA will request updates every three months (July 1, October 1, etc.).

Failure to submit the information as requested above may result in the denial of the renewal of your provisional license.

If you need to make changes to the information submitted on an “Evidence of Progress” template, you may do so at any time by completing a new template and submitting it to CDFA through the amendment process. 

How to Submit Documentation Through the Amendment Process

Step 1: Log on to your Accela Licensing System account. All active license records listed on your Licenses page now have an Action link for an Amendment.

Step 2: The license information is to be provided first. You cannot change any of the fields on this page but please write a note describing the purpose of the amendment.

Step 3: Update power source, water quality enrollment and water supply as necessary.

Step 4: On the List of Documents page, upload the required documentation as well as any other updated scientific documents. Ensure that the cultivation plan meets all regulatory requirements.

Step 5: Review and certify the Amendment prior to submitting.

Step 6: Submit Amendment

Step 7: After submission, monitor the email address and phone number listed in your account for communication from CalCannabis regarding any possible deficiencies associated with the Notice.

For additional questions regarding regulatory requirements for cultivation licensure please email the CalCannabis Licensing Scientists at cdfa.calcannabis_scientists@cdfa.ca.gov.

For technical support or general questions please call 1-833-CALGROW (225-4769) or email calcannabis@cdfa.ca.gov.

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