MCA Recommendations for Commercial Cannabis Activity Ordinance

As many of you may know, on Monday 4/19 starting at 9AM the Board of Supervisors will be having a special meeting to discuss both the new Commercial Cannabis Activities Ordinance  (CCAO) and amendments to the existing Cannabis Facilities Ordinance.

MCA has chosen to take a focused approach on a few key recommendations for Monday that we believe are absolutely essential to achieve our shared goal of supporting the good licensed operators currently in Phase 1 & 2.  The need to protect this group is so important, and agreed upon universally.  To support this goal, we are working to ensure that our suggested amendments are added to the ordinance.  In short:

Continued operation for compliant Phase 1 & 2 operators. Continuous prioritized review of Phase 1 & 2 operators transitioning to the CCAO. Do not remove applicants from the program until they have a chance to resubmit a complete digital application for review.

We are also providing a legal opinion from Land Use attorney Peter Kiel regarding the supported legal justifications for prioritizing the Phase 1 & 2 operators as they transition to the new ordinance.  As we have heard repeatedly that there may be concerns around this prioritization, we felt it would be helpful to clarify the issue once and for all.
CLICK HERE  to read the CCAO Recommendations and Legal Opinion
If you support these recommendations please email bos@mendocinocounty.org and share your support.  Now is the time to raise our voices in support of Phase 1 and 2 operators.
If you send an email be sure to include a few lines about your specific experience in the program.  Our goal is not to point fingers, but to share how the confusion and uncertainty inherent within the program has impacted you and your attempts to demonstrate compliance.
To view the materials posted by the Board of Supervisors for Monday’s meeting:
CLICK HERE for Facilities Ordinance
CLICK HERE to sign up to make a public comment.  The Clerk of the Board has indicated that due to interest the Chair may wind up limiting comment, so it’s hard to know who will be able to speak and for how long.
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