MCA Gathering 2020 Cannabis Crop Report Data

MCA is working with the Mendocino County Department of Agriculture to gather useful cannabis crop data to include as an addition to the 2020 Mendocino County Crop Report.

This is an historic step toward recognition of cannabis as agriculture in Mendocino County. Crop Reports track the production and sales of agricultural commodities such as livestock, fruits & vegetables, timber etc. You can view reports from as far back as 1985 on the County website at https://www.mendocinocounty.org/government/agriculture

The State of California lets Counties include a cannabis addendum to their crop reports, and MCA has advocated that Mendocino take this opportunity to illustrate the important role that licensed cannabis cultivation plays locally. There have not been many cannabis addenda created statewide, so we sincerely appreciate that the County has chosen to adopt this suggestion, and as such we are working with them to collect the data requested by the Ag Department. Once collected, we will submit the aggregated data WITHOUT ANY CONTACT INFORMATION for inclusion as part of the 2020 Crop Report. Individual contact, cannabis crop and sales information will remain strictly confidential.

We would appreciate you completing this survey and returning it to us no later than June 25,2021. Your response is desired even if you may have harvested only a small amount or no cannabis this past season. It is understood that often times cannabis that was harvested in one year is sold in the following year. When filling out the survey PLEASE TOTAL ALL ACTIVITIES BETWEEN JAN 1 – DEC 31 2020 ONLY for all categories!

This survey is ONLY for County authorized and State Licensed cannabis cultivators.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Thank you for participating!

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