BoS Adopts New Ordinance but Directs Restrictions

On 06-22-2021 the BoS directed Staff to come back with an ordinance to cap expansion in the new ordinance to the following:

Expansion of up to 2 acres, plants in the ground no earlier than 2023. Then there will be two public hearings to determine the success of the program, based on as yet undefined benchmarks, but potentially including some sort of watershed impact.

If it is determined that expansion can occur based on the meetings and conditions being met, expansion of up to 5 acres could begin by Jan 2026.

The next level of expanded cultivation would max out at 10 Acres no earlier than 2029 after two more public meetings, only if benchmarks are met. The Board indicated that 10 acres would be the maximum allowable cultivation. They did not determine if that is exclusively for Outdoor cultivation, or total aggregated cultivation of all license types.

There was also an indication that permits will be able to be applied for during the drought, even if they will not be able to cultivate until the drought has ended. Kristin Nevedal commented that the Mendocino Cannabis Program is not expecting to accept any NEW cultivation applications until early 2022.

No direction was given to conduct an EIR.

The Board also passed an ordinance to enable restrictions on any new discretionary permit water use activity during the drought.

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