MCA Strongly Opposes Referendums

There are currently two referendums circulating around Mendocino County to address concerns with the new Commercial Cannabis Activities Ordinance, Chapter 22.18.  MCA is strongly opposed to both referendums.

While we appreciate and share concerns around large-scale expansion up to 10% on AG and qualifying Rangeland parcels, we believe that both referendums endanger the existing licensed businesses in Phase 1 and 2 by threatening to revoke or suspend the recently adopted discretionary land-use permit program. 

Due to these risks, we are asking our Members and the public to support our position while continuing to urge the BOS to conduct a full EIR prior to any expansion beyond the 2 acre cap unanimously recommended by the Planning Commission.

Please CLICK HERE to read our full statement.

We encourage you to share this link with anyone who has signed, or is considering signing, either of the referendums so that they can be aware of the potential risks involved.

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