MCA Memos for 7_19-20_2021

CLICK HERE to read the memos we sent to the Board of Supervisors for the meetings today and tomorrow on the following: (click the item names to see the materials provided by the County for each one)


  • Item 5b – Fee Schedule 
    • This item related to local cannabis fees was originally scheduled for 7/13 and the memo is the same one we already submitted.
  • Item 6a – Update on Cannabis Water Use
    • This item will review research on cannabis water use by the Berkeley Cannabis Research Center which MCA has previously submitted to the Board for consideration. (CLICK HERE for their report on cannabis water usage in California)


  • Item 5b – Equity Program Amendments
    • We are submitting two memos for this item. One dated 07-20-2021 which is new, and one dated 10-13-2020 which we submitted on this exact topic, with recommendations that still apply today.  We are sharing both memos to further solidify the Board’s understanding of MCA’s ability to foresee and develop solutions to avoidable issues that continue to arise in the Mendocino County cannabis program.  

If you agree with our memos, please email bos@mendocinocounty.org to share your support for each agenda item.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to sign up to make a comment at the meeting today (starting at 1PM) or tomorrow (starting at 9AM).

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