Updates to Mendocino County Equity Program

The Board just approved the following revisions to the Local Equity Program:

  • Increase income threshold to Moderate Level
    • Individual – $59,400
    • Family of 2 – $67,900
    • Family of 4 – $84850
  • Increase Direct Grant amount from $10K to $50K
  • Will work w/ www.ElevateImpactMendo.com to improve and simplify grant application process

The Cannabis Program will report back in September about how it’s going. If the revisions have still not led to eligibility for disbursement of the full available amount of Equity Grant funding additional revisions are possible.

Please check out www.ElevateImpactMendo.com to find out if you fit the Eligibility Requirements with the changes above and start getting your documents together!

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