MCA Recommendations regarding the Referendum on Chapter 22.18

In advance of the Board of Supervisors meeting being held on September 14, MCA has shared multiple recommendations designed first and foremost to protect existing operators in the Mendocino Cannabis Program from being removed from the permitting process due to statutory issues over which they have no control.

Whether the Board chooses to rescind Chapter 22.18 or put it to a vote of the people, they will have to act quickly and decisively to avoid unintended consequences to our locally permitted cannabis businesses. We are encouraged by the Board’s recent decisive action to support the business community on the coast impacted by the drought emergency, and hope the same care and attention will be focused on our locally permitted cannabis operators trying to maintain compliance in an ever-changing system.

CLICK HERE to read our full memo.

If you agree, email bos@mendocinocounty.org and let them know to support MCA’s proposals to protect existing operators in Item 5g!

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