Portal and Equity Program Updates


On Tuesday, Cannabis Program Director Kristin Nevedal provided the following update regarding the Portal:

  • As of May 25
    • 1149 active AG numbers
    • 271 of those AG numbers, annual permits
    • 878 embossed receipts
  • as of july 1, 
    • 1140 active AG numbers
    • 276 annual permits
    • 78% of annual permits have state licenses
    • 57% of annual permits had expired
    • 873 embossed receipts
    • Through corrections letter program there were 150 were deemed in good standing
  • september after portal opened and complete renewal compliance program
    • 266 annual permits
    • 873 embossed receipts
  • as of oct 20
    • 278 permits issued, new permits issued
    • have denied 10 previously issued permit
    • revoked 
  • assigned 679 embossed receipts to portal
  • 144 to good standing
  • 85 more good standing
  • Total in good standing applicants in embossed receipt program 26%
  • altogether 278 permit holders, ready for review
  • as of mid september held on review and processing annual permit holders that need renewals and Appendix G’s processed 
  • timeline for meeting the processing of applications and app G’s for annual qualification at the state level is june 20 2023 for applicants and permit holders to continue to qualify for provisional licensing – 20 months away
  • had to stop processing complete applications and Appendix G’s, transfers, modifications
  • Portal opened August 2, gave public notice via 3 newspapers, canna notes, and an email on August 14
  • because portal opened 8 hours later than predicted, and there were substantial storms that caused power outages they are extending portal expiration date to nov 2 at 11:59PM
  • upon Portal closure county staff will continue to prioritize reviewing and issuing notifications for ALL submissions entered into the portal.
  • even if they don’t respond by that November 2nd date, they will continue processing everything that’s been submitted to the portal
  • once they’ve responded to everything in the portal which they think will take until mid november, they will focus on Embossed Receipts that are in good standing and annual permit holders (renewals, modifications, etc.) to get them to state annuals

will dedicate 1 day a week to re-opening the portal for ALL submissions that have been deemed incomplete

  • accepting submissions for rejections and for incomplete and assessing for denial or corrections letter
    • *it was not indicated what would determine if an applicant is denied or provided the opportunity to correct
  • will be updating guidance docs and making them available in December to confirm requirements for a complete application
  • on Jan 4 will be sending out corrections letters, denial notices, and opening portal for 30 day period, for next round of correction letters to come in. 

There are still nearly 250 permittees who are required to use the Portal who have still not responded. Especially with the confirmation that all submissions in by the closing of the Portal will be reviewed, we strongly recommend that anyone on the Portal list submit to the best of their ability ASAP!

Click Here to get information on the Portal and click here to see the list of the operators who are required to use the portal

Thanks to Kristin Nevedal and the MCP for hearing the voices of the community and working with us to help keep permitted cultivators in the program.


The Equity Program has been further revised to enhance accessibility and efficiency.

  • CLICK HERE for all approved revisions
    • Enhanced Direct Grant criteria
    • Enabled full Direct Payment in one tranche
    • Removed Income Threshold – any income levels may now apply
      • will prioritize existing Equity Applicants under the previous Income Threshold from initial cohort
    • Will require all County taxes to be paid up in full

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the Equity webinar on Wednesday October 27 you can CLICK HERE to view it on YouTube.

CLICK HERE to view the slides from the presentation.

The program is still accepting and requesting more applications.  WE SINCERELY URGE YOU to review the eligibility criteria, which no longer includes any Income Threshold, and consider applying today (or tomorrow, but soon)!

In order to meet the LEEP Equity Criteria, the LEEP applicant must meet one, but not all, of the following Equity Qualifications:
  • Be an individual who has lived within a 5-mile radius of the location of raids conducted by the Campaign against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) program.
  • Be an individual who has a parent, sibling or child who was arrested for or convicted of the sale, possession, use, manufacture or cultivation of cannabis (including as a juvenile).
  • Be an individual who was arrested and/or convicted of a non-violent cannabis-related offense, or was subject to asset forfeiture arising from a cannabis-related event AND has either (i) obtained or applied for a cannabis permit/facilities business license in Mendocino County OR (ii) has worked in or currently works in the cannabis industry.
  • Be an individual who has experienced sexual assault, exploitation, domestic violence, and/or human trafficking while participating in the cannabis industry.
  • Be an individual who has become homeless or suffered a loss of housing as a result of cannabis enforcement.
Equity Criteria Required Documentation (one of the following)
  • Public records: Newspaper articles, arrest records, neighbor sworn statement, etc.
  • Public records: Arrest records, Sheriff’s logs, etc. The arrest related document must reference a non-violent cannabis related arrest, anywhere in the USA.
  • Permits, employer verification, forfeiture records.
  • Personal Statement from crisis center, counselor, friend or family member.
  • Court record or eviction notice

CLICK HERE to visit the Elevate Impact website to apply.  
     *Their site is generally slow to be updated, so even if the old restrictions are still written there, apply anyway!

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