MCA Policy Call Update

  1. Portal Numbers

2. Coalition Memo Seeking Standing Committee

11-09 BoS Meeting

  • BoS creates Cannabis Portal and Equity Program Ad Hoc
    • Supervisors Haschak and McGourty
    • want to see clear communications from MCP

3. Equity Program Update

  • CLICK HERE for all approved revisions
    • Enhanced Direct Grant criteria
    • Enabled full Direct Payment in one tranche
    • Removed Income Threshold – any income levels may now apply
      • will prioritize existing Equity Applicants under the previous Income Threshold from initial cohort
    • Will require all County taxes to be paid up in full

Deadline for Round 1 funding eligibility closed on Nov 7. There will be more funding.

Insurance Question still outstanding, working on getting answers.

4. Jurisdictional Assistance Grant Funding Application

CLICK HERE for draft documents from MCP

2.5M to process phase 1 and 2 applicants to 2023 CEQA completion deadline

  • assumes correction letters for 90% of applicants
  • 4064 hours of work

phase 1 & 2 application review – 14099 hours – want to finish this by dec 31 2022

  • includes renewals – 1722 hours

MCP IS recommending they do App G’s

  • App G review for phase 1 permit holders – 3166 hours
  • App G for applicants through portal – 5692
    • staffing and contractors

TW – for 18 M dollars how many applicants will get to annual license

KN – EVERYONE – what we estimated was that 90% of those incomplete in the portal will make it through corrections letters

  • still some prohibitions – tree removal

**could get to 833 folks coming through phase 1 and 2

1. Satellite Imagery and Power Score – combined almost 700K but neither contribute to Annual Licenses.

2. Direct Grant Funds to Applicants – think it’s important that amounts be roughed in for the budget to ensure we allocate specific funds for those specific uses. It is concerning that the idea is to solely itemize needs from the department and use ‘whatever is left’ for applicants without including dollar amounts.

3. There is no mention in the Grant Application yet regarding the question of adding a discretionary permitting process to 10A.17. We should definitely include this b/c it could be essential for operators who have to transition to a discretionary permit without a new ordinance.
In the grant requests should be made for:

  1. Funds to cover the costs for any environmental review, or legal determination that environmental review is not required, to amend Chapter 10a.17 
  2. Funds to amend 10.a.17 to add a discretionary permitting pathway for current applicants under the ministerial permitting provisions.

It is also essential that direct grants to applicants be made a priority and not be held up while MCP works to increase their capabilities and infrastructure in regards to hiring additional staff and consultants.  For example, while MCP is staffing up and processing applications, operators can receive Grant funds to finish all outstanding building permit work, or hire CEQA professionals to prepare biological assessments and checklist analysis, etc. If these funds were to not roll out quickly, the applicants would not be able to be at the point where the MCP can process them. This particular use of funds will also create better quality submission packages for MCP to review, ultimately saving time and resources.

5. Emerald Cup Small Farms Initiative

CLICK HERE for details!

CLICK HERE to apply by Nov. 13!

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