MCA Memos for 3-2 Special Cannabis Meeting

Linked below are MCA’s memos for tomorrow’s Special Meeting of the Board of Supervisors about Cannabis, and how you can share your support of our recommendations.

Below you will also find individual links for where you can leave a written comment on each agenda item, and at the bottom of the email the general instructions for leaving a voicemail or making a Public Comment during the meeting tomorrow.  If you don’t have time to watch the whole meeting we definitely recommend leaving a voicemail with your comments, which you can do today!


To leave any written public comment, first you must CLICK HERE to register with Granicus. Once you have registered, you will be able to sign in and make comments on all agenda items. Moving forward, we will provide links for each agenda item to comment on, so it’s worth your time to sign up now since this is the system the County will be using moving forward for submissions.



Public Expression – Vegetation Modification Letters

Please CLICK HERE to review the letter and attachments from Hannah Nelson regarding the Vegetation Modification notices that went out recently.  This has also been sent to all local media. 

If you agree that the Vegetation Modification process is particularly onerous and punitive, you can CLICK HERE to support Hannah’s letter by sharing your thoughts with the Board of Supervisors to help them understand the importance of this item. 

Item 3b – Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program

As written this agenda item does not sufficiently address the need of our community in administering these grant funds, and so we can not support the proposed resolution.

CLICK HERE to read our memo.

If you agree with our memo, CLICK HERE to share your written support.  Make sure to include your personal opinions on the best uses of the grant funds and how important this Program is for our community.

Item 4a – Fallowing

The current Notice of Application Stay and Notice of Non-Operation programs are woefully insufficient for the needs of our community.  Applicants or Permit holders should be able to pause on new production while maintaining life support systems to sell already cultivated product and keep genetics alive, without losing their local authorizations.

We support Hannah Nelson’s proposed revisions to the existing programs, and our memo outlines those considerations.

CLICK HERE to read our memo.

If you agree with our memo, CLICK HERE to share your written support.  Make sure to include your personal opinions on the best uses of the grant funds and how important this Program is for our community.

Item 4b – Appeals

MCA Fully supports the Ad Hoc’s recommendation to develop an appeals process for Applicants who may be denied their Permit by MCP.

CLICK HERE to read our memo.

If you agree with this memo, CLICK HERE to share your support.  Make sure to include why you think it’s important for embossed receipt holders who are denied to have an appeal process, especially considering how many errors have been made and continue to be made in the processing of applications.

If you would also like to make a verbal comment (we recommend it!) on any or all of these items, there are two options.

1. If you would like to leave a message for the Board of Supervisors to be played during the March 2 meeting, you can leave a voicemail comment

 – Call 707-234-6333 and leave a voice message, up to 2 minutes in length, to be played during public expression/public comment, as it relates to the agenda.

– Speak clearly, being sure to state your full name, District #, and which agenda item you are calling for. YOU MUST LEAVE ONE MESSAGE PER AGENDA ITEM.

– Anonymous phone messages will not be played back during the meeting!

2. you can CLICK HERE to sign up to make a live comment during Public Expression during the meeting. Make sure to enter ‘Vegetation Modification on March 2″ in the Public Expression field of the page. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation via email, and instructions on how to access the BoS meeting via Zoom on Wednesday.
Please also make sure to email your District Supervisor with your comments!

Make sure to include the items that you’re writing about in your email Subject

District 4 – Dan Gjerde gjerde@mendocinocounty.org,

District 3 – John Haschak haschakj@mendocinocounty.org,

District 1 – Glenn McGourty mcgourtyg@mendocinocounty.org,

District 2 – Mo Mulheren mulherenm@mendocinocounty.org,

District 5 – Ted Williams williamst@mendocinocounty.org 

Thanks for raising your voice about these important issues!

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