Origins Council Comments on DCC Proposed Regulations

Linked below are the Origins Council comments on the proposed DCC Regulations.  These comments have been submitted to the DCC on behalf of the nearly 900 combined OC Members from our six partner organizations: 

  • Big Sur Farmers Association
  • Humboldt County Growers Alliance
  • Nevada County Cannabis Alliance
  • Mendocino Cannabis Alliance
  • Sonoma County Growers Alliance
  • Trinity County Agriculture Alliance

This process was truly collaborative, with participation from many of our members, and we’re grateful for everyone who was able to spend some time sharing your thoughts.  

CLICK HERE to review the comments.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Hannah Nelson (Senior Policy Advisor for MCA and Advisor to Origins Council), Ross Gordon (Policy Director for HCGA and Policy Chair for Origins Council), Genine Coleman (Executive Director for Origins Council) and the entire OC Policy Committee for their considerable efforts in bringing this document to life.

Hannah Nelson also submitted her own letter of comments that you can CLICK HERE to read.

We are truly stronger together! 

If you would like to support the efforts of Origins Council directly, you can CLICK HERE to donate.

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