Fallowing Equity and LJAGP Updates from MCD Meeting

At the MCD meeting this morning there was some important information presented.

1. Fallowing Program

The Fallowing Affidavit has been published on the County Website, and submissions will be allowed until AT LEAST September 26 but we STRONGLY recommend submitting your documentation ASAP.
CLICK HERE for document.  *from the County Website: ‘(must be downloaded to activate the electronic signature field)’

CLICK HERE for the Fallowing Ordinance that was passed on July 12 and set up the Fallowing Affidavit program.

To register with this program you must submit the Fallowing Affidavit and subsequent site plan to MCDPOD@mendocinocounty.org.

There is NO fee for filing, and NO fee to withdraw from the Fallowing program when you are ready.

If you have a 10K sq ft Garden, you must fallow to 5K sq ft or below to reduce your minimum tax.  If you have a 5K sq ft garden, you must fallow to 2,500 sq ft or below to reduce your minimum tax.  If you are at or below 2,500 sq ft you must fallow your full garden to reduce your minimum tax.

If you Fallow your entire garden you will not have a Minimum Tax requirement, but everyone who Fallows will still be responsible to pay taxes on Gross Receipts for product sold per the existing Tax and reporting system.

When submitting the Fallowing Affidavit, you should submit your most recent site plan, and clearly show ANY/ALL fallowed areas (update the legend on the site plan). 

If you are fallowing just certain areas of your site, make sure it’s VERY clear which areas will still be cultivated vs. which will be fallowed. – show if you will still be processing, also show if you will still be cultivating immature plants, or if you’re fallowing your immature plant area as well

Once completed materials are submitted to MCDPOD@mendocinocounty.org  MCD will process.

MCD recommends downloading the Affidavit form, and not filling it out in the browser. Fill it out on your computer.

ONLY SUBMIT ONE APPLICATION NUMBER PER FALLOWING NOTICEUse 2022 as Calendar Year for this season. – You will be able to apply to Fallow for 2023 in December 2022.

Read the full Fallowing Affidavit before signing to know what you’re agreeing to!

Deadline for fallowing submission will be no earlier than September 26.

MCD is working w/ County Counsel to determine exact deadline.

MCD will send a Cannanote about this as well.  If you’re not signed up for CannaNotes, which is MCD’s email list for announcements, you can CLICK HERE to sign up.

2. Equity Program

MCD will meet their funding spend down requirements by the end of August for Round 1 and end of September for Round 2.

They will be accepting new applications for both Equity Eligibility and Grant Funding at some point in September. Exact dates have yet to be shared.

3. Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program (LJAGP)

MCD indicated that they plan to first bring their proposed Manual for the LJAGP Direct Grants to operators before the General Government Committee (GGC) which is made up of Supervisors Mulheren and Gjerde on October 17. We had previously been told applications would open in June/July, and then September, but with this timeline, it’s very likely that applications will not open until the end of this year at the earliest.

The GGC, after the Cannabis Ad Hoc of Supervisors McGourty and Haschak presents recommendations to the Board will be the mechanism by which cannabis items are discussed prior to coming to the full Board for consideration and voting.  Director Nevedal expressed that this new process is not intended to further complicate addressing these critical issues, but we want to make sure that the 10 Million Dollars in Direct Grant funding is expedited into the hands of the operators who require them immediately.

Currently the GGC is only scheduled to meet twice more this year, and MCA has recommended to MCD and the Ad Hoc that recommendations be made to GGC that they meet at least monthly to address the myriad issue that still require focused attention as we approach State deadlines.  

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

You can CLICK HERE to review all of the materials from all MCD meetings. If the video and slides from today’s meeting are not uploaded yet, check back soon!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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