MCA Recommendations to Outgoing Cannabis Ad Hoc

As we have previously shared, Supervisor Glenn McGourty has resigned from the Cannabis Ad Hoc to focus on other projects such as local water sustainability. He and Supervisor Haschak, as the disbanding Ad Hoc, will be putting together a final report and specific recommendations to make to the full Board on October 4. Following this meeting, cannabis items will be heard first by the General Government Committee (GGC) which consists of Supervisors Mulheren and Gjerde. The GGC is only scheduled to meet two more times this year, which we believe is not nearly enough to address the many outstanding issues that require swift attention and resolution.

Last week MCA provided a list of these urgent items (including more regular GGC meetings) to Supervisors McGourty and Haschak that we believe should be acted on immediately by the Board through votes and direction given to Staff at the October 4th meeting, and a list of items that the Board could direct the GGC to begin addressing in their meetings, the next one which is scheduled for October 17. The memo is attached to this email.

Referenced in our memo and also attached are a Memo from Hannah Nelson regarding Tree & Shrub removal clarification, a Memo from Hannah Nelson and Scott Ward related to Portable Toilet allowances, and the Humboldt County policy on allowing cannabis processing by residents/permit holders within a permitted on-site single-family residence or residential accessory structure. Many thanks to Hannah and Scott for their invaluable support in this process.

These documents were developed to provide the Ad Hoc with input to make informed decisions on these important topics. We will be working to discuss further with both Supervisors in detail prior to October 4.
We will keep you updated as the conversation progresses. Please get ready to comment in support of our recommendations prior to the October 4th Board meeting.

CLICK HERE to review the documents.

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