MCA Hosts 09-29 Community Meeting re 10-04 BoS Meeting

On Tuesday October 4 the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors will be discussing cannabis with the final report and recommendations for immediate action from the disbanding Cannabis Ad Hoc of Supervisors Haschak and McGourty.  After 10-4 all cannabis items will first be reviewed by the General Government Committee which will take a good deal of time to get up to speed on the scale of the current crisis.

CLICK HERE to read the recommendations.

MCA strongly supports these urgent suggestions from the Ad Hoc and we call on you and the broader Mendocino community to support them as well. We invite you, and all Mendocino residents who understand the value of our locally licensed cannabis industry, to call on the BoS to approve the Ad Hoc’s recommendations and to provide any necessary direction to Staff for them to be implemented.   We can not wait for these items to be further delayed by shifting them into a new committee.

MCA is planning an in person appearance in front of Board chambers on 10-4 at 8:30 prior to entering for the meeting. We will then enter the meeting and provide public comment on this item. 

We will be discussing our in person strategy on THURSDAY at 7PM at a Community meeting that is open to all local cannabis supporters. 

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We would like to further encourage you to share your support of these recommendations to your district Supervisor or the full Board in advance of the 10-4 meeting.  While the Board is used to hearing from a small number of MCA representatives on cannabis items, we feel this meeting is incredibly important, and the more voices we have in support, the more likely that the Board will feel inclined to adopt the recommendations which will ultimately benefit the entire County.

Supervisor Emails: 

District 4 – Dan Gjerde gjerde@mendocinocounty.org,

District 3 – John Haschak haschakj@mendocinocounty.org,

District 1 – Glenn McGourty mcgourtyg@mendocinocounty.org,

District 2 – Mo Mulheren mulherenm@mendocinocounty.org,

District 5 – Ted Williams williamst@mendocinocounty.org

All Supervisors: bos@mendocinocounty.org

Make sure to include something along the lines of: Adopt the Ad Hoc Cannabis Recommendations on 10-04 in your Email Subject

CLICK HERE to find your county district

We look forward to speaking more about this on Thursday evening at 7PM.

CLICK HERE to register for the Community Meeting

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