Local Cannabis Tax Reform Passes in Mendocino!

It’s official! on March 28 the Board voted 3-2 (Supervisors Ted Williams and Dan Gjerde dissenting) to fully adopt the tax reform that passed the first reading on March 14.
Thanks to Supervisors Mulheren, McGourty and Haschak for supporting the future of licensed cannabis in Mendocino.
The approved reforms:
– there will be a 50% reduction in the minimum tax for tax year is 2023 and 2024,
– penalties and interest will be removed from unpaid taxes from 2018 through 2021,
– and a payment plan will be set up that allows operators who are currently Deprioritized to put down 25% of the taxes owed to get back into application processing. They will then have to pay 50% of the outstanding taxes in 2024, and 25% of the outstanding taxes in 2025.
Operators will have to stay current with the tax payment plan, and True ups from 2022 and moving forward.
This is one of the most significant moves towards progress our community has seen in a long time.
Thanks to everyone who made comments in support and continues to advocate despite the challenges we face. We are truly #strongertogether
We will provide more details about the plan as they are available.  Payment Plan payments should be able to be accepted no later than April 28.
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