Restricted Ag Pass Program Sign Up Information

We strongly recommend that all locally licensed cannabis cultivators register for the Mendocino County AG Pass Program in advance of any possible wildfire or other emergency that may occur this summer as fire season is upon us. Being prepared in advance will go a long way if disaster strikes, and submissions will likely not be able to be processed during an emergency. The earlier you register, the more likely the program will operate smoothly if/when there is an emergency.

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Restricted Area Access Agriculture Pass (“Ag Pass”) Program Overview


The Mendocino County Department of Agriculture (“Ag Department”), Mendocino Cannabis Department (“Cannabis Department”), Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services (“OES”), the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office (“MCSO”), and Mendocino County Animal Care Services (“Animal Care”) have worked in partnership to establish a restricted area access program. The program is to assist commercial agricultural producers, commercial livestock operators, locally authorized cannabis operators and commercial kennel operators to access restricted areas following a natural disaster to perform essential agricultural activities such as providing care for commercial livestock or to maintain other commercial farming commodities.

The Ag Pass Program allows qualifying commercial farm and ranch owners, other qualifying agriculture producers, locally authorized cannabis operators, commercial kennel operators, and their managerial employees, as defined in California Food and Agriculture Code § 2350, to be issued identification documents granting any qualified applicant access to a qualifying farm or ranch property, or kennel, during or following a flood, storm, fire, earthquake, or other disaster.

The following documents are required to be uploaded along with your application:


  • Pesticide Operator Identification Number
  • Apiary Registration
  • Organic Registration
  • Certified Producer Certificate
  • Restricted Materials Pesticides Permit
  • Government Identification Card

Animal Control

  • Certificate of Approval


  • Employee List
  • Mendocino County Live Scan
  • Government Identification Card
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