MCD Updates re EIR and Code Enforcement

The following 2 messages were shared via Cannanote on Friday. There is additional information from MCA after them.


1. EIR Update

Dear Community Members,

The Cannabis Department is reaching out to provide an update regarding the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has confirmed that they are planning to release a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the EIR.

To stay informed and review the relevant information, please find the links to the Notice of Preparation (NOP) below:

EIR – Overview

EIR – Notice of Preparation

We encourage you to share this information with fellow community members and any other stakeholders who may be interested in staying updated on this important matter.

As we continue to prioritize transparency and open communication, we will also make these links available in Canna Notes and on the MCD website. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to relevant information related to the EIR project.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support and participation.

2. Directed Enforcement on Illegal Cannabis Cultivation in Redwood Valley

During the July 25th, 2023, Board of Supervisors meeting, a Redwood Valley Cannabis Prohibition District was considered. Although the Board denied establishment of the Prohibition District, unanimous direction was provided to the Mendocino County Code Enforcement Division to assign all of its available resources to address illegal cannabis cultivation within the Redwood Valley area. The purpose of this direction was to address cannabis-related nuisances in the area as demonstrated by numerous constituent complaints of nuisance odor and activities.

As a result of the Board’s direction, the Code Enforcement Division has proceeded with identifying multiple properties within Redwood Valley as potential non-permitted cultivation sites, including but not limited to the use of aerial imagery. Code Enforcement will be completing thorough investigations to assess for illegal cannabis cultivation and its related infrastructure. While in the field, Code Enforcement officers will also be actively seeking to identify additional unpermitted cultivation sites to include in this directed effort.

Code Enforcement is seeking voluntary compliance by responsible parties to abate all illegal cannabis cultivation in violation of Mendocino County Code (MCC) Chapter 10A.17 and obtain appropriate building permits to address non-permitted infrastructure associated with cannabis cultivation. If voluntary compliance is not achieved, Code Enforcement will elevate enforcement action on non-compliant sites.

It should be noted that many properties located with Redwood Valley are zoned RR (Rural Residential) 1 (RR1) and do not qualify for cultivation beyond the personal adult use exemption. However, it should also be noted that for the adult use exemption, the use must also be in compliance of MCC section 10A.17.040 to meet all required setbacks.

A copy of the 10A.17 Ordinance can be located at:


The Mendocino County community is highly encouraged to review the above noted ordinance to ensure their properties are in compliance.

For any questions or concerns, community members can reach out to the Code Enforcement Division at: (707) 234-6669 or email at: codeenforcement@mendocinocounty.org


CLICK HERE to see the portion of the BoS Meeting from 07-25 where the Code Enforcement direction was discussed.

It begins in the YouTube clip at 08:09:53 after the CP Zone was denied, with Supervisor McGourty saying

“I kind of feel like we can’t just leave this sitting – there are people who feel they’ve been injured by the cannabis industry in Redwood Valley and we really need to find out who is causing the problem. I think there’s a good case for us to step up going after illegal grows, get some real data”

It end ends with the unanimous Board vote on Supervisor Williams motion offered at 08:18:28:

“Direct Code Enforcement to assign all available resources to the larger map presented today and report findings to board w/in 60 days.”

CLICK HERE to see the map being referenced.

As you might imagine there is a lot of conversation going on around this. If you or someone you know has been impacted by this and is willing to share the story with us please have them email me with a description of what they have experienced during this Code Enforcement action.

There will be a Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday August 9th where this topic is certain to be a big part of the conversation and I will be attending that meeting.

We will keep you updated on any additional information as it becomes available.

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