Jude Thilman, President

Jude Thilman is a cannabis patient, policy advocate, medical cannabis educator, and founder/owner of Dragonfly Wellness Center (, a ten-year-old dispensary on the Mendocino Coast. As a medicinal cannabis educator and patient counselor, her passion is to help patients, industry professionals, and healthcare providers make informed decisions about choosing and using cannabis medicines. She hosted a biweekly internet television program, Cannabis News & Views™, and programs remain archived at Jude has founded and directed 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and large-scale national projects since 1986. She brings 35 years of experience in producing educational media, for which she has received national awards. Jude strongly believes in health care as a human right and is devoted to bringing sound science and information to the search for truly beneficial, natural, and holistic healing methods. She sees a return to traditional herbal medicine as sounding the death knell for a “pharmaceuticals dominant” approach to resolving “dis-ease.” Jude envisions a path for our cannabis community that is proudly rooted in progressive values that further the rights and dignity of all life on this planet.

Courtney Bailey, Board Member

Courtney Bailey, co-founder of Giving Tree Farms and founding member of Hive Mendocino Cooperative, operates a specialty cottage mixed-light tier 2 and a small mixed-light tier 1 license in the Anderson Valley. Courtney focuses on combining sustainable, organic, and integrated mixed-light farming practices while raising awareness on how micro-dosing cannabis and psilocybin can aid in the longevity of recovery from addiction. Courtney serves on the board of the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, Hive Mendocino Cooperative, and the Anderson Valley Food Bank. Each year Giving Tree Farms donates 5 percent of its revenue to non-profits helping to improve the environment, humanity, and culture of Mendocino County.



Sara O’Donnell, Board Member

Sara O’Donnell first moved to Mendocino County in the summer of 1970 as part of the back to the land movement. After spending a brief period of time traveling and exploring new areas of the world, Sara moved to Comptche permanently in 1980. Sweet Sisters Family Farm, which specializes in sungrown, full-term flower, was established in 1981 with an emphasis on organic and sustainable farming methods. Sara brings a love of community, a passionate sense of history, and 30+ years of non-profit experience to her position on the MCA board. Sara is the proud co-founder of Hive Mendocino Cooperative and a founding board member of Origins Council.

Jim Roberts, Board Member

Jim Roberts has been a resident of Mendocino County for more than 25 years. In 1997 he founded Taylor Roberts, a design firm located in Philo offering services to regional and national home builders on the west coast. The creative think tank garnered regional and national attention with gold awards in The Nationals, platinum BALA awards, and a Gold Nugget award for design and architecture.
Jim is currently an owner/operator of The Madrones and The Brambles, two travel destinations in Mendocino county. He is also a second-generation cannabis cultivator and operates his family property Sugar Hill Farm. He founded The Bohemian Chemist, a micro-business showcasing sun-grown flower from Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. A lifelong entrepreneur and legacy farmer he is vested in the economic development of Mendocino County’s emerging cannabis marketplace with a focus on building the regions tourism marketshare while being vested in bettering the quality of life for local residents and supporting fellow stakeholders. As well as being a Governing Board member of MCA, Jim is a board member of West Business Development Center and part of CalOSBA’s Entrepreneurship and Economic Mobility Task Force.

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