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The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance (MCA) works diligently to improve conditions for our community of craft cannabis cultivators and entrepreneurs. With our deep roots in northern California’s cannabis culture, MCA ensures that the local cannabis community has a strong, unified voice that represents our shared interest in meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace.

We invite businesses to sponsor MCA’s role as a powerful trade association representing all sectors of the cannabis industry in Mendocino county and our region.

Proud Member of Origins Council

Origins Council (OC) was founded in 2019 as a California 501c4 nonprofit education, research and policy advocacy organization. OC is dedicated to sustainable rural economic development within cannabis producing regions, and establishing nationally and internationally recognized, legally defensible, standards-based, geographic indication systems for cannabis.

OC’s vision is for legacy cannabis producing regions around the world to drive global sustainable development and regenerative agriculture through the regulated production and research of high quality craft cannabis and herbal medicine products.

Critical to this mission and vision are public policies and programs that protect and promote these regions legacy cannabis farmers and medicine makers including their genetic, cultural, natural and economic resources.

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