All Businesses

w/ 5-10 Employees

(except Legacy Cottage Outdoor Farmer Members)

Cooperatives and Elders (60+) Use Discount Code “Heritage” for 25% Off

Member Benefits

All Members

(including non-business members)

Discounted Entry to Networking & Educational Events

Bi-Weekly Membership Calls 

Monthly Industry/Policy Newsletter

Business Members

(limited to Mendocino County)

Business Listing and Profile on MCA Website Directory

Industry & Policy Email Blasts/Alerts

Leadership Opportunities

May Vote to Elect Regional Representative to Policy Committee

May be Nominated and Serve on Voting Policy Committee

May be Nominated and Serve on Board of Directors

Our Mission

The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance serves and promotes Mendocino County’s world-renowned cannabis cultivators and businesses through sustainable economic development, education and public policy initiatives.