Adanac Ranch
Arcanna Flowers
Babakhan Wellness
Baizes 3
Blazing Oaks
Cali Pharms
California 162 Farms
Cannabis Concierge
Condor Grown
Dancing Dog Ranch
Dep Row Farms
Dew Organics
Dirt Cheap
Dos Rios Farms
Dragonfly Wellness Center
Earthen Farms
Eel River Medicinals
Eighth Brother
Elkhorn Ranch
Emerald Clock
Emerald Dream Organic
Emerald Exchange
Emerald Oasis
FarmPerfect, LLC
Fire Flower Farm
Flatbed Ridge Farms
Giving Tree Farms
Green Aura Farms
Green Mountain Ranch
Hannah L. Nelson Attorney At Law
Happy Day Farms
Harvest Logic
Heartrock Inc.
Higher on the Hog Farms
Humboldt Logistics
Kenny Creek
LaLa Land
Lantern Farms of mendocino
Laughing Farm MBC
Lovingly & Legally SPC
Maureen Mulheren
McLovin Farms
Mendo Soul Farms
Mendocino Cannabis Distribution
Mendocino Reserve Farm
Moon Valley Farms
Natural Cannabis
Ninja Scissors
Nitta’s Flowers
Nurturing Seed
Nurturing Seed @ Willits Valley Farm
One Feather Ranch
Pacific Cultivation
Perrin Family Farm
Pops Tops
Potter Valley Farm
Radicle Herbs
Redwood Remedies
Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting (RMCC)
Sanctuary Farms
Scott Ward Company
Silver Dragon Farms
Slow Moves Farm
Soto Farms, LLC
South Lake Farms
Spyrock Farms
Sun Roots Farm
Sunbright Gardens
Swami’s Select
Sweet Sisters Family Farm
That Good Good Farm
The Red House
Turby + Co
Tokin Terps
Uncle Dizzle’s
Up The Hill Farms
Ventoso Farms
Wildercraft Sungrown
Wildland Farm
Woodwide Farms

Our Mission

The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance serves and promotes Mendocino County’s world-renowned cannabis cultivators and businesses through sustainable economic development, education and public policy initiatives.